The trio of bank robbers finds themselves in the middle of a hostage situation while running from the police. After the robbery, the trio has taken refuge in a cafeteria to hide from the police chase. However, the people whom they should be hiding from are actually in that cafeteria. The real struggle begins when two notorious murderers held them in hostage with the other customers. Now, once the police they hide from becomes savers for their prays. Their tension-filled survival challenge starts against time.


Writer & Director: Jon Keeyes
Producers: Elif Dağdeviren (Hermes Film,Edge All in One), Bülent Helvacı (Hermes Film), Nesim Hason (New Films)
Cinematography: Sammy Inayeh
Editing: Robert J.Castaldo
Assistant Director: Allison Graham
Art Director: Jim Lee Dennard
Sound: Kevin D.Brown
Make-up: Heather Henry
Costume Design: Janet Lucas Lawler
Cast: Edward Furlong – Sam Tom Zembrod – Bill Michael Madsen – Agent Lind Arnold Vosloo – Rick Devlin Bai Ling – Nadia Jordana Spiro – Mary Jane Tamer Karadağlı – Nicholai Duca Brandy Little – Alice Yelda Reynaud – Catherine Pulliam Deniz Akkaya – Anne Noble



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