Set in 1970s Turkey, Adem is a brilliant and hard-working 5th grader who lives in one of the peaceful and relaxed Aegean towns. Refusing to spend his summer idle, he quarrels with his family about becoming an apprentice to soda seller Cibar Kemal. He finally wins and starts as soda seller’s apprentice. It’s the beginning of Ramadan and when the local imam gives a sermon on fasting, it makes a deep impression on him. Added to this, his childhood crush, Berna will also be fasting. He decides to fast secretly from his family who is against his fasting because of his young age. But fasting on hot Aegean summer days while selling soda will not be easy. As if that weren’t hard enough, he learns that to break the fast intentionally would require an extra 61 days of fasting as penance and Berna is fasting too! Thirst and hunger hardly tire him up and he starts to see hallucinations.


Writer & Director: Yüksel Aksu
Production: Muzaffer Yıldırım Elif Dağdeviren Yüksel Aksu
Cast: Cem Yılmaz – Cibar Kemal Berat Efe Parlar – Adem Yılmaz Bayraktar – Hasan Ümmü Putgül – Gülizar Okan Avcı – Yörük Osman Greta Fusco – Berna Gün Koper- Büyük Adem Macit Koper – İmam
Cinematography: Mirsad Herovic
Music: Evanthia Reboutsika
Second Director: Deniz Yılmaz
Art Director: Levent Kulaç
Editing: Taner Sarf
Hair & Make-up: Derya Ergün
Sound: Levent İntepe Ses
Post Production: 1000 Volt
Camera & Lights: Orion
Animation Studio: Anima



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