The fact that cinema constitutes one of the most effective tools of promotion, influence and conciliation in the world highlights the need to launch international events in order to nourish and increase its effectiveness and power.




Academic and professional meetings between the Russian film industry, exercising influence on Turkic Republics of Asia closely following the cinema of Turkey and on Turkey, closely following the cultural activities of Turkey hold great importance for both countries. This is the reason that highlights Moscow as the ideal starting point for the first edition of Turkish Cinema International Academic Meetings (TCIAM).

The Mission of the Madrid Leg of TCIAM:
• To establish a bridge between two cultures via cinema.
• To give birth to the perception that academic meetings add to the power of the art of cinema.
• To highlight Turkish cinema in Spanish academic literature.
• To facilitate the introduction of Spanish film industry to novel names, brands and films from Turkey to open the road for new co-productions.
• To facilitate the introduction of the leading producers, directors and actors of the Spanish cinema to the Turkish film industry to pave the way for co-productions.
• To add to the traffic of cultural tourism between Spain and Turkey.
• To strengthen the social presence of the Turks living in Spain via the Turkish cinema.

The Turkish Cinema, from its very start with Fuat Uzkinay’s documentary to the heydays of Yesilcam and to its soaring success in the 2000s with its award-winning arthouse triumphs and its record breaking popular titles, has always been one of the most distinct country cinemas of the world. The brainchild of pioneers such as Sergei Eisenstein, Vsevolod Pudovkin and Dziga Vertov, the Russian Cinema, on the other hand, has been the bed for both the most courageous avant-garde experiments as well as for masterpieces that embody cinema as a vehicle of philosophical contemplation. The harmony between the two country cinemas, the resonance of their very spirits have always been visible throughout their histories. The traces of the influence of Russian Cinema on the Turkish films prevail. Turkey’s award- winning auteurs, especially those of the recent generation don’t hesitate to confess the immense influence of «film philosophers» such as Andrei Tarkovsky on their filmic oeuvre. Meanwhile, the themes of the grand Russian Literary Tradition still echo across the Cinema of Turkey. And most importantly, the masterpieces of each country cinema have the power to fascinate and captivate the hearts of the audiences of the other. In time when the friendship between two nations strengthens and inspiring bonds are being established between two cultures, the Turkish cinema is elated to be a part of one of the most prestigious film festivals of the world; the 37th edition of the Moscow International Film Festival, a grandiose showcase devoted to the power of cinematic arts, a beacon of inspiration that illuminates Eurasia and the world.